Charon is a download manager for the Amiga. You can use your browser to download files, but they don't have enough options to finetune the process. In order to have full control over downloads, you need a download manager: something designed for that specific purpose. This Charon, unlike mythical Charon who transfers souls of the dead over the river Styx to the underworld, transfers files over the Internet to your HD.




Charon is shareware. You are allowed to use evaluation version for 30 days and than you must either register or stop using it. Registered users will receive their personal key file which will enable them to use all features of Charon. Registration fee is 15 EUR or the equivalent in other currencies. The registration is done through ShareIt! using secure HTTP connection. If you would like to register, please go to register form in English or German or Italian or Spanish or French or Portuguese. The form requires a browser which can do HTTPS. If you use Miami TCP/IP stack and MiamiSSL package, then all browsers should work without problems. If you use some other TCP/IP stack, you will need either AWeb 3.4 and AmiSSL, IBrowse v1.x with its own SSL module or IBrowse v2.3+ with AmiSSL v2 or Voyager with its own SSL module.

Support and feedback

For discussion about Charon you can join the Charon support mailing list. To join, send an e-mail to charon-list-subscribe at yahoogroups dot com.

You can also write directly to TheAntony at bigfoot dot com.


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Updated on 6. April 2002

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